CEREC : Ceramic Reconstruction for Crowns Bridges and Veneers

“One Visit Dentistry” is now available at Bridge Dental Surgeries with the latest CEREC and digital technologies.

We now offer one visit appointments for dental work such as crowns, onlays, inlays, bridges and veneers instead the treatments requiring multiple appointments and time scheduled away from your work and family.

CEREC One Visit Dentistry

What are the benefits?

  • Your treatment time is shortened and the experience is made more comfortable.
  • The time required is reduced from multiple visits to a one-visit process lasting about an hour.
  • The need for a temporary prosthesis is removed. “No Temporaries”.
  • No impressions. It is “Impression Free”. There is no need to use unpleasant tasting liquids in uncomfortable impression trays to make a mold. This also removes the risk of your having a gagging response.
  • There are no return appointments for your fitting. The treatment is completed in one appointment.
  • There is no need for multiple injections / anesthesia sessions.
  • There are no delays waiting as your impressions are sent away to a dental laboratory to create your dental prosthesis.
  • The quality and tooth colour match is better than that of a dental laboratory. The crown is longer lasting
  • No metal is used in the crown so no greying of the gums around your restored tooth.
  • Your dental prosthesis is designed to be a better fit, i.e. it’s higher accuracy will reduce any gum inflammation.
  • Overall, your time is saved and your discomfort reduced.
  • Higher quality and a higher aesthetic look. You leave with a natural-looking, strong and comfortable new crown, bridge or veneers.
  • All this is made possible using our innovative Digital Dentistry process incorporating the latest 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) and state-of-the art CEREC® (CEramic REConstruction) technology.
We now colour match, scan, design, mill, fire and fit your dental prosthesis all in a single visit, using our new state-of-the art technology including CEREC.

We make your crown, partial crown, onlay, inlay, bridge or veneers here on-site with our Vita Easyshade V tooth colour reader, our 3D scanner, our 3D design system and we manufacture with our new CEREC MC XL Mill.

We now colour match, scan, design, mill, fire and fit your dental prosthesis all in a single visit, using our new state-of-the art technology. This gives a better fit with higher quality and accuracy in creating your bespoke prosthesis.

You can even watch the CEREC Digital Mill in our surgery waiting room, creating your dental prosthesis based on the 3D scans and designs we make of your tooth and mouth.

What is CEREC?

CEREC, short for CEramic REConstruction , are tooth restorations which are made from strong ceramic material, that is matched to the colour of your natural teeth. It is compatible with your natural teeth, which makes it less likely to crack or cause gum irritation. We use an advanced bonding system to fuse the restoration to your tooth, which makes it extremely strong. The increased precision means we can conserve more of your natural tooth.

CEREC® (CEramic REConstruction) is a technology that allows Bridge Dental to produce on-site ceramic dental restorations using a combination of in-house computer-assisted technologies, including CAD/CAM i.e. Computer Aided Design and Manufacture.

CEREC One Visit Dentistry
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With CEREC, Bridge Dental can do “one visit appointments” for dental work such as crowns, onlays, inlays, bridges and veneers.

This means :

  • no more temporary crowns,
  • banishing bad tasting impression trays and material,
  • avoiding the unpredictable quality of prostheses production previously outsourced to a Dental Laboratory.

Patients are able to see their ceramic restoration being milled before their eyes in real time in our waiting room.

The combination of our dentists extensive dental experience and technical skills with these state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technologies, essentially allows for dentistry to be done better with improved outcomes and higher quality results.

One Visit – Five Steps – One Appointment – “All Done”.

Step 1: Examination.

Your Dentist at Bridge Dental does a normal examination and he/she prepares your tooth in the usual way to prepare to be ready to seat a permanent crown, inlay/inlay or veneer.

This step includes taking a shade measurement of your teeth using out Vita EasyShade V device so we exactly colour match your new crown (etc) with your other teeth.

Vita EasyShade - latest technology - now at Bridge Dental, Marlow Bucks 01628 474044
Vita EasyShade

Once the preparation is completed, this is where the process changes.

Step 2: 3D Scan.

Instead of using impression trays, containing bad tasting dental impression material which can cause some patients to gag, to take an impression or mold of your mouth we take digital images with our 3D Cone Beam Scanner.

Digital dental image scanner used at Bridge Dental
Scans from Latest 3D Cone Beam Scanner

Step 3: Computer Aided Design.

The image data from our 3D Cone Beam scanner is transferred to a dedicated computer where your dentist designs your new restoration on a digital model of your teeth using a 3D design software for an optimum fit.

Your Crown is designed with 3D software

Step 4: On-Site Manufacture using CEREC.

Once the design of your new tooth is complete, this data is immediately transferred to a high precision robotic milling machine, which fabricates your new tooth from a high quality ceramic block in about six minutes and to within +-25 microns of precision.

Cerec Crown Precision Milling at Bridge Dental
CEREC Digital Mill. –Loading the milling machine with the ceramic block.
Precision Milling your Crown with Cerec Technology at Bridge Dental
CEREC Digital Mill –Milling in progress.
Your Crown part-milled emerging from a CEREC ceramic block
Your Crown part-milled emerging from a CEREC ceramic block

Your prosthetic is then colour checked and stain may be applied. It is then fired.

Your CEREC Crown is fired at Bridge Dental

Step 5: Fitting.

Your dentist fits it, checks it, and makes any minor adjustments required. Once she/he is happy they will bond it in place in your mouth, where it will remain for many years and will look like any of your natural teeth.

Before and After. Great Results as your CEREC Crown is fitted at Bridge Dental Marlow
Before and After Comparison.

What are the Major Benefits of our “One Visit” process with CEREC technology?

  • Single Visit Dentistry – Only one dental visit. Reduces time away from work and family. Plus only one session of local anesthetic.
  • Improved accuracy. Your dentist has complete control on-site of the process from beginning to end i.e. from your tooth preparation, through the design of your restoration and the onsite fabrication to the fitting. Your dentist can make modifications in real time with you, the patient, in the dental chair, thus ensuring a perfect fit, perfect bite and tooth contour restoration.
  • No temporary restorations. There is no need for your dentist to install a temporary dental prosthesis whilst you wait for the final crown, bridge or veneer to be processed off-site at a dental laboratory (which can take many days). So no more problems with potential sensitivity in the intervening period, no more stringent rules on what to avoid eating, and no fear of your temporary crowns or veneers falling off while you are away or waiting for your permanent restoration appointment. CEREC eliminates the need for ANY temporary restorations. It allows for immediate results for decayed or fractured teeth avoiding any further deterioration before you return for your final fitting.
  • Impressions are eliminated. Your impressions are taken digitally with a sophisticated Digital Cone Beam Scanner. So there is no longer a need to use impression trays filled with unpleasant, distasteful impression material. Instead Bridge Dental will scan your upper and lower dental arch and will then view “your bite” on our 3D computer aided design system. “Your bite” is the way the teeth come together and allows us to ensure your restoration fits correctly.
  • No metal is used in CEREC fillings. – CEREC fillings can be used to replace the old mercury/amalgam fillings to create natural, tooth coloured restorations, which not only look beautiful and are long lasting. In fact they can restore strength to your teeth, plus they are biocompatible.
  • Higher quality and aesthetic results. CEREC tooth coloured restorations means high aesthetic results. No more dark amalgam fillings discolouring your smile. Plus as no metal is used in the ceramic tooth restoration material there is no possibility of grey marks on your gums around your restored tooth. The restoration is a far better fit and longer lasting as well as looking great.
CEREC Veneers, Crowns, Bridges, inlays - Ceramic Restorations.Before and After Examples. Call us on 01628 474044 for an appointment.
CEREC examples – before and after treatment.
  • Higher Quality of Materials – CEREC restorations are both beautiful and natural looking, plus they are extremely durable. The ceramic blocks used as a base for the process are perfectly homogenous and made in an industrial vacuum. They have the same thermal coefficient of expansion as natural teeth. The blocks are consistently of the highest quality possible thus avoiding impurities, micro cracks and imperfections in their internal structure.
  • Greater retention of your natural tooth. Our advanced bonding techniques and precise restoration design used here at Bridge Dental allows your dentist to salvage more of the healthy tooth structure thereby creating a stronger more natural result. This is aided by the improved digital precision allowed by our use of our digital and CEREC processes.
CEREC One Visit Dentistry

There are many benefits to digital dentistry and to our CEREC “One-visit” process and we are happy to discuss them further with you.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01628 474044 for more information, for a demonstration or to book an appointment.

The Cerec Milling machine is situated in our waiting room where you can see it in operation.

One Visit – Five Steps – One Appointment – All Done

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