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by dentist on Wednesday, 19th December, 2018

At Bridge Dental Surgeries we are committed to providing patients with the best that technology has to offer. In December 2017 we invested in a 3D scanner which allows us to improve our diagnosis of dental conditions and also enables much better planning and placing of dental implants both predictably and safely. The scanner uses the latest ‘cone beam’ technology, thereby reducing the radiation dose, to patients who have the scan, to a minimum.

Innovation with latest 3D Cone Beam Scanner at Bridge Dental Surgeries where you stand and place your chin on the rest and the machine takes a 3D scan of your lower face, jaw and teeth.
Innovation with Latest 3D Cone Beam Scanner
Scans from Latest 3D Cone Beam Scanner used at Bridge Dental
Scans from Latest 3D Cone Beam Scanner

At Bridge Dental Surgeries we are committed providing the best quality dental treatment using the latest and predictable treatment modalities available to improve the experience of patients at our practice. Over the last 10 years Dr Neppalli has been keeping a close eye on advances in dental technology coming into the marketplace and earlier in the year made the decision to invest in Cerec.

Cerec provides the ability to make high quality, aesthetic predictable crowns for patients in one visit without the need for uncomfortable impressions and temporary crowns.

CEREC One Visit Dentistry is now available at Bridge Dental, Marlow Bucks 01628 474044

Cerec exemplifies the ambitions of digital dentistry.

The Process

  • The process involves, after step 1. Preparing the tooth:

2.Taking a shade

We use our Vita EasyShade  machine to identify the colour shade of your teeth so your crown, bridge or veneer will be an exact match.

We take a shade measurement using the Vita EasyShade, which provides a more predictable and objective shade match than the traditional subjective methods. 

Dental Colour Matching with Vita EasyShade - latest technology

3.Scanning the region.

Taking a digital photo scan.
Taking a digital photo scan.

The region where the crown is being placed, along with how you bite, is then accurately scanned with a digital photo scanner.  This process replaces dental impressions which can be uncomfortable and messy. The digital scan is more accurate than the dental impressions leading to less error in making the crown. 

4.Designing the crown.

Your Crown is designed with 3D software

The crown is then designed using the software and the design is refined by the dentist before the design is transmitted to the milling machine. 

5.Production of the crown.

Precision Milling of your Cerec Crown
Precision Milling of your Cerec Crown
Your crown is milled from a CEREC ceramic block
Your crown is milled from a CEREC ceramic block
your Crown part-milled from a CEREC ceramic block

The crown is then milled in the milling machine precisely to the design produced by the dentist.  This takes around 10 minutes. 

Once produced the crown is then tried onto the patients tooth to assess fit. 

The crown is then stained and glazed to further improve the aesthetics, before being fired in an oven to achieve maximum strength.

The crown is then fired

The crown is then fired

The crown is then bonded into the patient’s mouth using the latest bonding systems to further improve its strength. 

Great Results as your CEREC Crown is fitted at Bridge Dental - Before and After Images.
Great results.

This is all done in a single visit. 

The finished crown is free of metal so there is no greying around the gum margin of the crown.

Dr Neppalli and Dr Emery are already providing this service at Bridge Dental Surgeries with the other dentists undertaking training early in the New Year. 

Please ask your dentist about Cerec if you would like to take advantage of having a crown in a single visit. The cost for a Cerec crown is no more than a dental laboratory made crown and with additional work in placing a core for a lab made crown a Cerec crown is routinely less. 

For more details call us on 01628 474044.

CEREC One Visit Dentistry - beautiful restorations - same day crowns
Call 01628 474044

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