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Meet our Hygienists and Dental Therapist who take care of the health of your teeth.

To look after you and your children’s oral hygiene we have dedicated hygienists and a dental therapist.

Kezia Harris Dental Hygienist at Bridge Dental Marlow SL7 01628 474044

Kezia Harris
Yolanda Rice
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Our half-hour appointments give time for oral hygiene instruction as well as cleaning by ultrasonic.  Extended or additional appointments may be required for the treatment of periodontal disease, use of Airflow (air polishing) and hand instrumentation.

A very high proportion of our patients see a hygienist regularly to help maintain their oral health which is doubly important due to its link with systemic disease such as heart disease and diabetes.


At your appointment with your hygienist they will be on the look out for any signs of gum disease which  is the biggest cause of tooth loss amongst adults in the UK if not treated.

Learn more about gum disease, gingivitis, and how to prevent it here.

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Our dedicated team of hygienists and a dental therapist look forward to helping you on your next visit. Learn more about them here.

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