Referral to Bridge Dental Surgeries

Bridge Dental Surgeries Referral Form

If you wish to refer a patient to us, either to a specific specialist or for a Cone Beam CT Scan then please let us have the necessary patient data.

Please download and complete the relevant PDF Form below.

Referral Form to Bridge Dental Surgeries

Cone Beam CT Scan Form.

Please post the form/s to:

Bridge Dental Surgeries, 32 Station Road, Marlow, Bucks, SL7 1NE

Alternatively, you can scan or photograph the completed form and attach it to an email addressed to: [email protected].

Note: Shortly a facility will be available on this page to upload the form direct to us via a secure GDPR and HIPAA compliant transfer facility.

For more information on our Specialists please click on a particular link.

Mr Baha Bagdadi (Speciality Doctor in Oral Surgery & Maxillofacial Surgery)Dip Dent Gazi (Turk.). Statutory Exam 2012 (Eng)GDC No 227851
Dr Atrina Ghezel (Endodontist)MSc BDSGDC No 252771

Dental Cone Beam CT Imging Referral at Bridge Dental Marlow